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About Us

GoUp Production


GoUp Production is a rental - production company which offers one of the largest collections of backline equipment for hire in the Central and Southeast Europe.
Our Team members are all musicians, so they genuinely understand your band’s touring needs and are on hand to manage every aspect of your musical equipment hire.
Our philosophy: We'll get it for you!
The so-called "Backline" designates the instruments and devices, which artists need, for their performance on stage, and which are usually set up behind the musicians (therefore: back-line). The backline is thus the "tool of the musician" and there for plays an immensely important role for a successful show. It must work perfectly within the smallest detail - there is nothing more unpleasant for musicians than a running hi-hat, because a small screw is loose, or a crackling amp. Often the small things change the gig into a disaster for the artist.
GoUp Production is aiming, besides from the usual equipment rental, to above all offer a professional Full Service to satisfy backline needs, starting at receiving the riders and until the end of the show, so that both organizers and musicians are served perfectly. This always happens in arrangement with PA techs, tour and production managers and in the meantime due to our experience for many years also directly with the artists themselves.
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